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Rung Charoen Food Engineering Co.,Ltd. 

         Rung Charoen-Food is a company that operates integrated engineering, distribution, consulting, design, production process layout, machine design (With computers), conveyor system and automation control systems design, construction, production, installation for all industries. The company has a team of engineers in all internal departments to perform different engineering duties such as design engineers, factory engineers, supervisors, as well as an experienced technicians team to ensure quality and design that are comparable to imported products but with reasonable prices. Our most important is the good and fast after-sales service for customers.


The company's product categories are divided according to the type of industry as follows

1. Conveyor systems, material handling, conveyor systems with automatic controls and storage
       In every industry, it is necessary to use the conveyor system in the production process whether or not there is automation to help improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs and losses, and for the sake of personnel and production management. Related industries include automobile parts assembly industry, electrical appliance assembly industry, electronic component assembly industry, food and beverage industry of all kinds, etc. Examples of conveyor belts such as black rubber PVC, conveyor rollers, bottle-can conveyor systems, plastic belts, slat conveyor, chain conveyor, and overhead conveyor, etc.

2. Machinery and conveyor systems in the production of processed foods
       Related industries include all types of frozen food processing and the canned food industries. Examples of machinery such as conveyor systems used in transportation and processing in the production process such as food lines of all kinds such as breaking head and peel shrimp, tuna cleaning, fish and shrimp cleaner, air bleachers, fruit and vegetable blanchers, sardine sorter, rotary or vibrating sorting machine, trolley, stainless steel tray, stainless steel sieve, sinks, stainless steel appliances, etc.

3. Machines for the production of snacks, instant, and semi-instant foods
       This type of food industry includes the production process of the bakery, potato chips, dry pastries, crispy pastries, confectionery, jellies, fish snacks, chocolate, wafers, and all types of snacks. Machines available include frying machines, mixers, grinders, pellet sizing machines, belt or rotary dryers, cold tunnels, pasteurized jelly machines, filling machines, dipping machines (DUMPER), etc.

4. Stainless steel tanks and piping systems for the production of liquid food, liquids, pharmaceuticals and chemicals
       This type of food industry includes the liquid food industry, milk factory, ice cream, beverage industry, fruit juice, chili sauce, tomato sauce, liquid, paint, lotion, etc. These production processes require stainless steel tanks, pressure tanks, vacuum tanks, stirring blades of all kinds, pasteurization systems, heat exchange systems, piping in the production process, CIP tank washing and cleaning systems, various fluid pipe equipment, filling machine, stainless steel pump, etc.

5. All types of container washing machinery
       The company has designed and developed container washers for use in the industry, especially the food industry that focuses on designing and manufacturing according to GMP and HACCP principles to ensure the quality of the containers after washing to meet hygiene standards. Examples of containers such as plastic trays, stainless steel, plastic baskets of all sizes, chicken cages, crates of all kinds, etc.

6. Special designed machinery for specific applications, production process improvements, and automatic control systems
       Other machines used in the industry are specialized machines with special designs as well as different automatic controls. The company has an experienced team that provides consulting, design, prototype production for specific applications as needed such as dishwasher with PLC system, lens dryer with step temperature control, various cooling tunnels by product type and temperature control, machines with steam systems for heat distribution, etc.

7. Producing machines according to prototype, both steel and stainless steel
       The company produces machinery according to the specified prototype such as imported machines that already have prototypes, or develop, improve, change existing machinery for better efficiency, or to make it suitable for the conditions of use.


      Rung Charoen-Food's machinery and conveyor systems are designed and manufactured according to the engineering principles and GMP & HACCP standards. Our products are accepted by customers at home and abroad for quality, usability, beauty, and durability, as well as after-sales service by a team of engineers and technicians with over 10 years of experience.